Marks & Spencer, Cheshire Oaks

Sweco was appointed as part of a multi-disciplinary team to deliver Marks & Spencer’s most sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly store to date at Cheshire Oaks.


Client: Marks & Spencer

Location: Cheshire Oaks, Chester

Date: 2008 - 2014

Value: £25 Million


The scheme represents the retailer’s desire to create a positive environment that will improve the health and wellbeing of staff, customers and the community. Marks & Spencer have used the store to raise awareness of sustainability and environmental issues through in-store and online digital media.

The landscape strategy for the store was to protect and conserve the site’s existing features whilst creating a series of new habitats to enhance the site’s biodiversity. The site boasts 228 new trees, enhanced existing hedgerows and locally significant Oak and Black Poplar contributing to 12,000m2 of planting. This landscape creates a number of habitats using native species and introduces a new wetland environment and amenity space for customers and the community. The footpaths on site link into the wider network and provide a new route through the enhanced landscape.

As a key feature of the project, Sweco designed Marks & Spencer’s largest living wall system which covers one elevation of the car park. The living wall contains a huge variety of local plants and grasses which act as a pollution filter and biodiversity habitat.


• Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
• Visualisations
• Outline Design
• Detailed Design
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Green walls
• Ecology & Habitat Creation


"“Cheshire Oaks raises the bar for sustainability within the built environment.” Jonathan Porritt (Forum for the Future)"

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