Power Court Stadium Development, Luton

Sweco was appointed to provide landscape assessment and design services for a landmark stadium and mixed use residential, commercial and retail development in the centre of Luton.


Client: Luton2020

Location: Luton, UK

Date: 2016


The team had to ensure a balance between meeting the logistical needs of a large scale stadium with attendance in excess of 23,000 people, whilst providing an attractive, integrated setting for its daily users.

Areas of new landscape included public realm, private residential courtyards, an enhanced river corridor and community space. The proposals created three very different environments with their own character and typology, responding to the sites use and context. Taking inspiration from the natural processes at work in the River Lea, the design of the public realm draws on the characteristics of movement and flow. These qualities are expressed in the colour and texture of proposed surface treatments and the location of planting and street furniture, which reflect the movement and focus of people’s use of the site.

The river corridor proposals will significantly improve the riverside habitat through the planting of native riparian species. The riparian edge is designed as a feature with boulders, planting, educational elements and the potential for public art. Planting palettes will include local regional interest where possible aiding habitat creation and increasing local biodiversity.


• Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
• Outline Design

Please view a masterplan of the project here.