Trafford Town Hall Council Offices, Greater Manchester

Sweco worked with 5plus Architects to design and deliver the new Trafford Council offices and the refurbishment of the Grade II listed Town Hall.


Client: Shepherd Construction for Shepherd Aligned

Location: Greater Manchester

Date: 2009 - 2014

Value: £800,000 (Landscape)


The architectural and landscape proposals were developed holistically to provide a cohesive space. To ensure fluidity and connection between the historic buildings, Sweco carefully considered the design of the intervening courtyard spaces to include distinctive materials to highlight key routes, entrances, exits, walkways and thresholds. The newly landscaped spaces include sweeping lawns and feature planting to enhance the main building frontage, and the sensitive refurbishment of the 1930’s sunken garden.

The planting design is both formal and contemporary in style and ensures seasonal interest and durability. Great consideration was taken to ensure that the most appropriate plant species were selected for the natural dark corners within courtyards and the edges of buildings as well as incorporating the existing mature vegetation.


• Visualisations
• Outline Design
• Detailed Design
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Green walls
• Ecology & Habitat Creation

Please view a masterplan of the project here.


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