Transport Planning and Development Infrastructure

In today’s built environments, people need to be able to travel efficiently and safely, in order to live, work, and function as citizens in everyday life. Sweco’s transport planning team understand the need to balance the demand for access by car, while supporting and promoting more sustainable and active travel modes, in the development of transport infrastructure.


  • Active Travel
  • Public Transport
  • Development Infrastructure
  • Travel Behaviour Change
  • Multimodal Studies
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Traffic Engineering and Design
  • Transport Appraisal
  • Transport Economics
  • Transport Modelling
  • Travel Planning
  • Transport Planning for Development
  • Transport Policy and Strategy

Transport Modelling

Sweco works with clients, using the latest modelling tools as part of a wider package, to help achieve desired outcomes for developments and improvements to complex transport requirements.

With many years’ experience and reputation for robust, thorough and evidence-based recommendations, our skills are in demand from both private sector and local authority clients.

Our specialist team uses a range of transport modelling techniques, from strategic to local models. We tailor our approach for each client’s needs, adopting the most appropriate modelling package, such as Paramics, Saturn, Linsig and Junctions 9. The finished results are presented in the format which best suits the client requirements and audience needs.