Transport Planning and Development Infrastructure

In today’s built environments, people need to be able to travel efficiently and safely, in order to live, work, and function as citizens in everyday life. Sweco’s transport planning team understand the need to balance the demand for access by car, while supporting and promoting more sustainable and active travel modes, in the development of transport infrastructure.


  • Active Travel
  • Public Transport
  • Development Infrastructure
  • Travel Behaviour Change
  • Multimodal Studies
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Traffic Engineering and Design
  • Transport Appraisal
  • Transport Economics
  • Transport Modelling
  • Travel Planning
  • Transport Planning for Development
  • Transport Policy and Strategy

Travel Behaviour Change

Sweco appreciate the need to understand people’s travel habits to be able to make sustainable changes for long term improvements. Our targeted travel behaviour change programmes help to make this happen.

We design focused behaviour change campaigns to support the introduction of new transport infrastructure, as well as encouraging people to rely less on their cars.

Programmes can target various audiences, including businesses, service users and the local community. We provide specific inputs, as part of a wider strategy, or our staff also provide on-going support as in-house secondees.



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