Sweco’s water specialists are world leaders, meeting increasing demands for drinking water, waste recycling and flood mitigation, through sustainable creative solutions. Our water specialists are outperforming our client’s business plan budgets and tackling embedded/operational carbon footprint targets with the use of innovative and lowest whole of life cost focused solutions. Our commitment is future focused, finding solutions for the future’s challenges, today.


  • Asset Management Period (AMP6) Frameworks
  • Flood Risk Management
  • Process Technologies
  • Sludge Treatment
  • Wastewater Non-Infrastructure
  • Wastewater Infrastructure
  • Water Non-Infrastructure
  • Water Resources
  • Water Infrastructure

Process Technologies

Sweco‘s forward thinking engineers excel at delivering exciting and innovative water treatment works solutions that meet the complex challenges of the future, today.

We support our UK clients operating in a TOTEX environment, seeking lower whole life costs and alternative solutions with the ReGenerator® concept methodology. Our approach seeks innovative pan European wide sourced technologies that can provide improved energy generation, nutrient recovery, water recovery and waste heat recovery. ReGenerator ® focuses on unlocking potential OPEX revenue streams in wastewater treatment, originally pioneered by Sweco in the Netherlands.

We have a proven track record in providing solutions that successfully reduce operational costs and lower carbon footprint solutions for our clients, such as the introduction of SHARON® and DEMON® technologies on wastewater sites in the UK. Sweco is also unlocking further savings and potential new revenue streams with the introduction of EssDe® and InDENSE® treatment technologies.

For more information on our Regenerator® expertise, please click here to read a technical article published in the 2016 UK Water Projects.