Sweco’s water specialists are world leaders, meeting increasing demands for drinking water, waste recycling and flood mitigation, through sustainable creative solutions. Our water specialists are outperforming our client’s business plan budgets and tackling embedded/operational carbon footprint targets with the use of innovative and lowest whole of life cost focused solutions. Our commitment is future focused, finding solutions for the future’s challenges, today.


  • Asset Management Period (AMP7) Frameworks
  • Flood Risk Management
  • Process Technologies
  • Sludge Treatment
  • Wastewater Non-Infrastructure
  • Wastewater Infrastructure
  • Water Non-Infrastructure
  • Water Resources
  • Water Infrastructure

Wastewater Non-Infrastructure

Sweco provides for our communities advanced wastewater treatment schemes now and in the future, while protecting the environment.

Sweco’s team of specialist engineers review and upgrade wastewater treatment facilities operating in a TOTEX environment, supporting clients in identifying options and feasible solutions, whether for discharge consent advice in a small works, or multi-disciplinary detailed design and plant optimisation in a large scale works.

We draw on the skills of specialists from across the Sweco group, including the innovators of our ‘Regenerator®’ brand from the Netherlands, or our experts in asset management from the UK, all integrated into a BIM environment. We work collaboratively throughout the process with clients, their partners, the supply chain and engage with the wider stakeholders.

Our wide ranging expertise covers conventional treatment as well as the next generation of technologies, such as compact mechanical filters in lieu of conventional primary settlement, highly optimised activated sludge plant secondary processes, tertiary treatment polishing for tomorrow’s tighter consents, sludge cracking for increased biogas production and lowest cost opex solutions such as wetlands and lagoons.