Sweco’s water specialists are world leaders, meeting increasing demands for drinking water, waste recycling and flood mitigation, through sustainable creative solutions. Our water specialists are outperforming our client’s business plan budgets and tackling embedded/operational carbon footprint targets with the use of innovative and lowest whole of life cost focused solutions. Our commitment is future focused, finding solutions for the future’s challenges, today.


  • Asset Management Period (AMP7) Frameworks
  • Flood Risk Management
  • Process Technologies
  • Sludge Treatment
  • Wastewater Non-Infrastructure
  • Wastewater Infrastructure
  • Water Non-Infrastructure
  • Water Resources
  • Water Infrastructure

Water Non-Infrastructure

The efficient, reliable treatment of drinking water remains a constant, pre-requisite for all suppliers, while meeting the challenges of continuous supply, cost efficiency and funding innovation.

Sweco works in water treatment facilities, providing analysis, optioneering, and full support for clients, all in a TOTEX environment. We offer design solutions, expert advice, from root cause analysis and option studies, through multi-disciplinary detailed design and plant optimisation. We achieve this using modelling, risk methodologies and asset management lifecycle tools for robust solutions. Clients can also benefit from our wide ranging experience in communications and stakeholder management.

Our water treatment projects on surface sources can vary from small works on remote Scottish Islands, to the complex plants that serve our major cities, drawing on our process knowledge and expertise for treatment of varied issues, from high colouration and agricultural pollution, to nitrates and algal blooms.

We draw on our people and expertise from right across Europe, able to cover a wide range of both established and emerging technologies and to identify the right options for our clients to make informed decisions which best supports their business requirements. Our solutions are efficiently delivered often in collaboration with our clients and construction partners all within a BIM based environment.