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UK Water Company – Remote Asset Management Policy


Anglian Water


UK – Anglian Water Region

Area of Expertise

Data Analytics; Operational Technology; Asset Management Advisory

UN Sustainable Development Goals

6, 9, 11, 12

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Project Overview

Business improvement project to increase efficiency and improve ways of working by applying best practice. Our task was to apply best practice methods to the operational control centre for unplanned operations management to achieve improvements in operational efficiency.


Our Solution

Sweco applied their Remote Asset Management Policy methodology within Anglian Water. Sweco’s proven risk-based, collaborative methodology, is based upon the industry best practice, EEMUA 191 and adapted for the management of large estates of remote sites. The methodology defines the business rules for asset operation and response.

These rules not only define the behavioural response, but the data that triggers the response. Once defined, these risk-based rules were then applied to the installed technologies to deliver improvements. Sweco reviewed the service risks for each site using data analytics of historical responses and collaboration with area managers.


The Result and Benefits to the Client

The project led to an improvement in decision making in the control centre and associated reduction in unplanned job volumes, with no reduction in compliance or increase in failures across the sewage pumping station estate. The project led to:

  1. Increased efficiency in control centre processes
  2. The improved working environment in the control centre
  3. 30% reduction in generated alarms
  4. 22% reduction in alarm related work orders
  5. 30% reduction in “same day” work orders

These benefits were immediate and realised as an increase in staff availability equivalent to 15 FTE or £1.2 m pa. Further benefits were delivered with optimisation.

The project was recognised at the Anglian Water ‘We love What You Do’ Awards.

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