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Leeds PIPES – Phase 3 South Bank Extension

Sweco has been involved in the £5m district heating scheme in Leeds named “PIPES” (Providing Innovative Pro-Environment Solutions) constructed by Vital Energi.

This network utilises waste heat from the local recycling facility, consisting of 16.5km of underground pipework serving various buildings around Leeds City Centre including council offices, brown field development sites and residential tower blocks.

Facts & Figures

Leeds City Council
Main Contractor
Vital Energi
Fee Value
January 2021 – May 2021

Project overview

With the Leeds PIPES network partly developed, this project reviewed the latest chapter of the schemes development called Phase 3 where the proposal was made to extend the network into the South Bank areas of the city close to the railway station.

This project provided energy modelling using information sources from the council’s planning portal, DEC and EPC. Were no data was provided benchmarks were used. Using in-house software Sweco were able to heat mapped all 53 connections, from which three network options were confirmed. For each option, Sweco modelled the network annual demand, heat demand, network length and linear density which aided the client to identify the preferred option.

Sweco then provided cash flow modelling to determine the feasibility of whether the PIPES network should be extended into this area or whether this would be better served by a new district heating network or if each building should adopt stand-alone clean tech measures in order to carbon neutral.

Client testimonial

“Very Good knowledge of DH – technically how to design and specify systems and practically how to programme and put together business cases.”

George Munson Leeds City Council

Key services

  • Urban resilience
  • Bio Energy Advisory