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Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark

Project Starfruit

Sweco’s transaction team helped support ERM and their client with one of the largest chemical sector M&A deals of 2018, resulting in a successful $10.1Billion acqusition. With operations in 80 countries and a history that can be traced back over 400 years, understanding the impact of current, past and future operations on the environment was central to the transaction process. To deliver the high quality, rapidly executed EHS due diligence ERM needed the support of Sweco to provide the technical inputs for the Nordic region.


27 sites in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark
Type of project
Environmental, health and safety due diligence
8, 9, 11, 12 & 15

Project story

For an acquisition of this scale, rapid deployment of an experienced and committed team is key to distilling the important issues from a wealth of background detail.

In order to align with ERM’s and the client team’s expectation, Sweco’s due diligence advisory team in the UK managed a team of experts assembled from across the Nordic region, providing continuity and consistency in approach to ensure clear focus was given to the scope elements at each of the 27 sites under review.

This high-level strategic approach allowed areas of concern to be quickly identified, separating a small number of principal risks from those lower cost aspects considered to be manageable and consistent with typical manufacturing activities.

As the transaction progressed, Sweco were able to drill down into the detail of the identified major risk areas. This allowed us to involve our senior staff to summarise the background to the local regulatory framework, providing an important balanced context for decision making.

Our ability to translate a complex range of potential risks into the commercial context by engaging with the client team’s legal advisors generated a clear understanding of actions and strategy.

Sweco’s  scale and in-depth knowledge of the chemical sector in the Nordic region together with our understanding of the significance of the legal and financial risks developed from our technical inputs, played its part in the overall commercial valuation.

We are pleased to have helped with the completion of the acquisition, which provides a platform for growing the business and continuing to build on its great heritage, enhance its high quality asset base and workforce, and excellent track record of innovation.

Project Starfruit
Project Starfruit

Key services

  • Desk-based assessment and data room review
  • Review of vendor’s reports including environmental compliance, health and process safety assessment
  • Soil and groundwater impact assessment
  • Assessment of environmental liabilities & financial impacts associated with legacy sites
  • Liaison and feed-in to wider transaction reports including corrective action and remedial cost analyses.
  • Experts meetings and delivery of summary findings

The speed of response on the new sites from yourselves went down very well for our call with the legal client – please pass on my thanks to the team.