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Tipperary County Council Junction Improvements


Tipperary County Council




May 2019 – present

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Project Overview

Sweco was retained on a series of small projects to provide bespoke engineering solutions to meet Tipperary County Council’s specific requirements.


Rosanna Road Roundabout

Sweco developed a revised geometric layout for an existing mini roundabout in Tipperary Town to accommodate a new footpath along the northern side of the roundabout. Following a review of the available information, a site visit and 3D geometric analysis, Sweco produced a new roundabout design. The new layout included provision for traffic calming measures, pedestrians and incorporated road marking and signage.

Killinan Hill Junction

Sweco provided a design for a junction improvement at Killinan Hill junction (R498/R503) along with road improvement measures on the R498 at Killinan. There had been a history of road collisions between vehicles travelling along the R498 and those joining the R498 from the R503. Sweco’s redesign had the objective of reducing collisions through the inclusion of traffic calming measures, a new footpath, traffic signs and road markings.

O’Brien St. Junction

The junction at O’Brien St/ Emly Road/ R662/ O’Connell Road in Tipperary Town required substantial redesign for which Sweco provided various design options to Tipperary County Council. The design included traffic calming measures, pedestrian facilities, parking, landscaping, road marking and signage.


Primary Services

  • Geometric 3D redesign of junctions including vehicle tracking analysis
  • Design of traffic calming measures
  • Design of pedestrian facilities
  • Road marking design
  • Signage design
Tipperary County Council Junction Improvements
Tipperary County Council Junction Improvements
Tipperary County Council Junction Improvements

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