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Building Control Consultants

We are the leading Building Control consultancy in England and Wales, providing client-focused expertise since 1998. As Registered Building Control Approvers, our Registered Building Inspectors (RBIs) and regulatory experts are also perfectly placed to assist in all elements health, safety and risk mitigation – including the new Building Safety Act, Parts F, L, O and S of the Building Regulations and all pertinent fire legislation.

Your trusted partner in regulatory compliance and planning

We pride ourselves on our quality and technical expertise that underpins our full suite of Building Control services – and have achieved the ISO/IEC 17020 international accreditation standard following a rigorous external on-site assessment by the International Accreditation Board – ANAB.

This accreditation allows Sweco to demonstrate integrity, reliability and technical competence as well as compliance with internationally recognised good practices. Sweco is the first building control consultancy in the UK to achieve this accreditation and are proud to deliver such technical expertise to our clients.

What are Registered Building Control Approvers?

Registered Building Control Approvers’ replaces the term ‘Approved Inspectors’.


Individuals will be known as RBI Registered Building Inspectors which is a protected title under law.


Registered Building Inspectors (RBIs) have a range of legal obligations that they must adhere to as part of their professional conduct. These obligations are outlined in the Code of Conduct for Registered Building Inspectors and include the following key points:

  1. Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Requirements:
    1. RBIs must comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements related to their work activities, including anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption, data protection, and equality legislation.
    2. They must use their regulatory powers to secure compliance with the Building Act 1984 (as amended) and associated legislation, and report non-compliant works if compliance cannot be secured within a reasonable timeframe.
  2. Professional Conduct:
    1. RBIs must act with honesty, integrity, maintain professional competence, deliver services with skill and care, uphold public trust, and treat everyone fairly.
    2. They must maintain professional independence and impartiality, and not act in a manner that brings the profession into disrepute.
  3. Insurance and Financial Propriety:
    1. RBIs must ensure they are suitably insured for the work they undertake and comply with insurance requirements.
    2. They must manage professional finances responsibly, adhere to accounting controls, and not facilitate financial crimes such as money laundering or tax evasion.
  4. Conflict of Interest:
    1. RBIs must identify and manage conflicts of interest, notifying clients and ceasing to act where a conflict is identified.
  5. Use of Technology and Data Management:
    1. RBIs must mitigate risks associated with using technology and ensure commercial data is stored appropriately.
  6. Whistleblowing and Complaints Handling:
    1. RBIs must be familiar with and adhere to their organization’s whistleblowing policy, and not prevent or discourage whistleblowing.
    2. They must publish and implement effective complaints handling policies and procedures.
  7. Continuous Professional Development:
    1. RBIs must maintain their professional competence, engage in continuous professional development, and keep records of their development activities.
  8. Client Engagement:
    1. RBIs must confirm client identity, provide clear terms of engagement, and inform clients of any changes to terms, including cost or time estimates.
    2. They must treat client information as confidential and disclose it only under specific circumstances, such as with client consent or when required by law.
  9. Notification to Regulatory Authority:
    1. RBIs must promptly notify the Regulatory Authority of any breaches of the Code of Conduct, legal obligations, criminal or regulatory offenses, financial impropriety, or disciplinary findings by other regulators or professional bodies.
  10. Professional Titles:
    1. RBIs must use the title ‘Registered Building Inspector’ and the abbreviation ‘RBI’ accurately and in accordance with the terms of their registration.

RBIs are expected to take individual responsibility and accountability for their decisions, actions, and behavior, and breaches of the Code of Conduct may lead to disciplinary action, including the cancellation of their registration.


Dale Anderson

Head of Building Control

Matthew Lane

Building Control Director South

Paul McNeill

Building Control Director North

Richard Cymler

Building Control Director Midlands

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Why choose Sweco Building Control services?

Sweco Building Control’s approach is to listen and engage with the client to anticipate the regulatory issues that will need resolving and work in partnership to deliver a successful project. Solutions need to be tailored to suit individual requirements. Sweco Building Control adopts a collaborative and flexible approach that is proactive and commercially aware.

  • Sweco Building Control has been successfully trading for 20 years and are proud of our unblemished record of no litigation or payment disputes since its formation.
  • A single-point-of-contact approach gives benefits in consistent interpretation of Building Regulation issues and ultimately assists value engineering.
  • Our efficient and fast response service is tailored to suit your needs and timescales.
  • Our director-led service delivery ensures you get the highest levels of service and care. We have quality systems which aim to exceed national Building Regulation Performance Standards.
  • Our experienced team are the go-to Building Control team when it comes to high rise and mixed-use development. Our expert Technical Directors have the experience that clients need to ensure compliance with the Building Safety Act and Building Regulations Legislation.
  • Sweco have the advantage of being able to call upon other specialists within the Buildings and Urban Areas Divisions to help support compliance review.
  • We are the only UK Building Control Body Accredited to ISO 17020 in relation to impartiality.

By combining Building Control with a range of compliance consultancy services, Sweco Building Control provide a one stop approach to regulatory compliance and risk management whilst maintaining our impartiality. View our commitment to Building Control Performance Standards.

Building Safety Act 2022 guidance

The Building Safety Act 2022 (applicable to England and Wales) is set to transform how tall structures are designed, constructed and managed, with the Government describing the changes proposed as the biggest for almost four decades. Below is our quick guide for the 5 key priorities for compliance.

Building Safety Act 2022 Summary of Priorities


Ball & Berry joins Sweco Building Standards Division

“I am thrilled to announce a new chapter at Sweco Building Control, following today’s announcement that we have combined our business with Ball & Berry to create a larger team of 150 building control experts.

Over the years, Sweco Building Control has established itself as a market leading Approved Inspector. We are recognised for our skilled expertise working on some of the most complex and exciting projects here in the UK. By coming together with Ball & Berry, we will strengthen the offering of our existing teams in all regions, whilst continuing to provide our clients with quality technical expertise – take a look at our combined vision and capability overview here.”

Dale Anderson Head of Building Control at Sweco UK

Sustainable offices: your go-to Building Control experts

With the industry striving to reach net zero carbon targets we have seen the emergence of many innovative modern methods of construction over recent years. Many of the drivers are based around embodied carbon targets but there are also many practical advantages such as speed of construction, reduced health and safety risk and reduced substructure works.

Sweco are committed in playing our part and are currently regulating many of the most challenging sustainable office developments in the UK. Sweco is the leading Building Control team when it comes to sustainable office development. We have specialist experts able to support compliance solutions when it comes to Modern Methods of Construction such as Modular Systems, CLT or Mass timber, and light weight steel.

We have developed a “route to compliance” and published guidance that clients are able to use to help support them. We are able to access our network of experts including institutes from Sweden and Switzerland who are at the centre of developing the global standards for MMC regulation.

As scrutiny increases on our industry, we continue to set the standards for enhanced consultancy and digital services that allow duty holders and accountable persons to have the higher level of certainty – and documented accountability – required to meet their obligations.

Neil Badley Head of Technical Standards and Learning & Development

Building Safety Regulator – Road to April 2024 and beyond

With the deadline for Building Safety Regulator fast approaching in April 2024, we are supporting our clients in developing fully compliant solutions to the Building Regulations in advance of Gateway 2 submissions. We recognise that it can be difficult for clients to reach a compliant solution with so many different aspects of regulations to consider whether it be meeting expectations from the Building Safety Regulator, Fire Authority, Local Authorities or Building Control Approvers.

Our experienced team of high-rise experts are able to support design teams with expert knowledge and we have published “Tall Buildings Guidance” that clients can use to help them navigate compliance during this time of changing legislations, policy and guidance. Clients are also able to gain access to our Building safety team for specialist advice, gateway 1, Building Control audits or monitoring to help clients, principal designers and principal contractors meet their obligations under the Building safety Act.

Our clients are often developing the most significant projects whether it be high rise, residential or mixed use. It is important that you get the right advice and Sweco are ready to support our clients with either Regulatory Consultancy advice to help them navigate the new Regulatory landscape.


Sweco’s Building Control/Approved Inspector function is carried out by Sweco (Building Control) Limited. This is a separate company with different directors to Sweco UK and all other Sweco companies. This is communicated throughout the business and to external clients. This ensures that the function is carried out impartially and is perceived to be impartial. You can view our full impartiality statements here.