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Noise and Vibration Assessment

Noise Assessment

As leading building acoustic consultants Sweco can predict noise impact using the latest acoustic software packages, which in turn will inform key architectural decisions such as building materials, internal room layouts, façade design and insulation techniques.

What is noise modelling?

Using 3D modelling techniques, it is possible to produce a predictive noise model as part of the project planning phase. This enables calculation and analysis of the potential noise impact from various sources including roads, railways, urban spaces and industrial premises.

Noise modelling can be presented in various ways, but 3D modelling is particularly effective in terms of presenting the results of the assessment to the client and design team.

Environmental noise modelling software

Using state-of-the-art noise prediction software our engineers can predict noise levels across the site, which can be depicted on high-resolution maps, overlaid upon a plan of the site and wider area. By identifying noise issues early, we can help reduce costs for noise mitigation.

How can 3D noise modelling assist the acoustic design of a development?

  • Accurate geometrical representation of the development and its surroundings takes into account topography and obstacles and/or barriers affecting the site
  • Enables a variety of noise sources, future or existing, to be modelled accurately together using international standards
  • Enables accurate noise prediction at the facades of the residential development
  • Enables a visual reference of how noise sources are likely impacted on future and existing receptors
  • The results of the noise modelling can be used to determine what noise risks future developments are exposed to or present. The following can feed into the design process to promote Good Acoustic Design and ensure noise impacts are mitigated: informing site orientation/buildings internal layout; façade sound insulation specification; guidance on ventilation strategies and including overheating

Vibration Analysis

Alongside environmental noise, vibration plays an equally important role in the assessment and planning stages of a building project. By measuring vibration sources, we can provide data-based guidance on mitigation that may be required to ensure your project is suitable for its intended use, as well as being compliant with relevant planning requirements and industry guidelines.

With reference to industry assessment standards and best practice documents we can:

  • Carry out vibration monitoring for baseline, mechanical plant, construction, and rail activities
  • Assessment of likely vibration impacts from construction activities, such as piling and vibratory rollers
  • Measure and assess the potential impact of rail movements on future residential developments
  • Provide guidance on mitigation measures where necessary

If you need support with noise and/or vibration assessment as part of your building acoustics project, our experts will be happy to talk through your requirements and challenges.