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Fire Safety Engineering & Advisory Consultants

From bigger-picture infrastructure advice and building safety auditing to the design and implementation of tailored protection systems, our fire safety engineering consultants can support with prevention, detection and evacuation solutions across any building or multi-site estate.

Our approach

We’re proud to have over 75 years’ combined experience in delivering innovative, bespoke support across all sectors.

Our core objective is to provide strategic fire safety advice and develop fire safety strategies that satisfy the functional requirements of the building regulations. We provide solutions that represent a mix of best-practice, expert judgement and innovative fire engineering technologies.

Working closely with our wider multi-disciplinary teams (including structural engineers, façade specialists) and teams across Europe allows us to develop flexible proposals that satisfy every individual client requirement. We maximise the value of a scheme whilst maintaining robust levels of fire safety based on a sound understanding of all the competing issues involved. This includes access to expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering and specialists in energy modelling and vertical transportation.

Our expertise

Fire engineering

  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Smoke Management and Control
  • Fire-Fighting Access and Facilities
  • CFD Analysis
  • Fire Dynamics
  • Sprinkler Protection
  • Occupant Behaviour
  • People Movement
  • Active Fire-Fighting Systems
  • Fire Suppression System

Fire strategy development

  • Risk analysis
  • Personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEP)
  • Effective fire protection
  • Means of warning and escape
  • Access and facilities for fire-fighting
  • Structural fire protection
  • Special risk protection
  • Internal and external fire spread
  • Smoke management and control
  • First aid fire-fighting
  • Active fire-fighting systems
  • CFD and people movement modelling
  • Future proofing
  • Fire strategy drawings
  • Fire safety management plans

Implementation & management

  • Fire safety management
  • Fire safety manuals
  • Fire safety training
  • System design
  • Work permits
  • Fire prevention

Evaluation & audits

  • Performance analysis
  • Expert witness
  • Inspection and commissioning
  • Peer reviews
  • Testing and site surveys
  • Thermal radiation analysis

Fire engineering services

Fire safety strategy

The development of a clear and coherent fire strategy demands specialist knowledge in all the key fire safety elements. With unrivalled international insights and specialisms we are able to consider the dynamics of fire and smoke, the behaviour of occupants and the response of structural components to fire while also understanding fire-fighting practices and operational procedures. This appreciation is coupled with a thorough understanding of approved codes of practice and current engineering guidance together with UK and international legislation.

While you may be the owner, manager or ‘Responsible Person’ in a commercial premise, we understand that you may not have the time, confidence or competency to undertake a detailed audit. That’s why we provide a tailored approach to each project, assisting both the client and design team in a full  assessment, before collaborating on the required fire protection design and integration. Our early involvement in a project is key to limiting risk.

Planning Support

We can provide early support for planning applications to meet the requirements of the HSE and other local government planning requirements. Our advice allows developers to present projects that meet the Gateway 1 fire tests go on to achieve all necessary requirements.

Engineering for excellence

Engineered strategies will often incorporate the use of state of the art computational techniques. These are able to model the interaction of smoke and building geometry, the movement of occupants exposed to fire and the structural response of building elements. Throughout the development of an engineered solution we maintain a close dialogue with the client, professional team and approving authorities.

Risk Management

We are highly experienced in the development of fire safety management strategies. We work closely with building owners and occupants to produce a regime that successfully balances the risk to occupants, the impact of active or passive fire-fighting systems and the capabilities of the building management team

Legislative Frameworks

Legislation in fire strategy is an evolving area that is updated to reflect recent events. We are involved, where appropriate, in various consultations on any proposed legislation. Recent changes to Building Bulletin 100 (in relation to school premises), London Plan policies D5 and D12 and British Standards to name but a few are fully understood by our teams and can be presented to clients and design teams in a way that is easy to easy to understand and deploy.

Colechurch House Complicated scheme aiming to derive maximum flexibility for various occupancy requirements
Chapter London Bridge 20+ floors with student residency needing robust strategy and accessibility for high occupancy turnover
British Antarctic Survey Research Station No room for error in a remote location with the nearest fire fighters located on neighbouring continent
One Nine Elms Complex mixed use project – significant public space at uppermost floor utilising evacuation lifts

Fire advisory services

Building safety inspection & monitoring

As a surveyor lead unit, we can offer consultancy, site monitoring (inspection) and fire safety expertise through RIBA Stages 1-7, including:

  • Building Safety Bill Gateway 1-3 Consultancy Services
  • Building Safety Case consultancy
  • PAS9980 assessment. Specialist cladding compliance review/monitoring.
  • London Plan Section (D12A) Fire Safety Reports
  • Fire safety compliance reports (RIBA Stages 1-7)
  • Building Regulation/Golden Thread Compliance monitoring
  • Pre-tender Building Regulation compliance assessments
  • Building Regulations compliance appraisals (Parts A to S)
  • RIBA stage 5 fire strategy site inspection monitoring
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Support development of modern methods of construction (CLT, Modular etc.)
  • Training & CPD provision

Part B (Fire) Compliance reports

We will assess the submitted design plans in order to determine compliance with Part B of the building regulations and suitable design guides, such as Approved Document B, BS 9999, and BS 9991, and will provide our fire safety reports to the design team.Throughout RIBA stages 1-5 we will liaise with the client/design team/principal designer/principal contractor to review the design.

Our approach is to be an active and valued member of the design process to ensure a successful delivery of each RIBA Stage.

We will provide regular reporting to our client throughout each design stage along with end of stage compliance reports/strategy.

Example scope and T&C’s available on request

As Built Part B (Fire) Assessments

We will undertake site assessment to attain compliance with the Part B of Building Regulations and any other relevant fire standards.

We will produce a written and photographic site report outlining the salient outcomes of the site inspection. Furthermore, if required we will provide an as built fire safety compliance report which can be held by the building occupiers/responsible person.

Example scope and T&C’s available on request

PAS 9980 Fire Appraisal of the External Wall

To allow us to establish the overall fire performance of an external wall we can undertake Basic Level external wall fire appraisal as per clause 8 in PAS 9980.

Prior to the fire appraisal we will agree the location of intrusive surveys and undertake inspection of the exposed external wall build up (exposing works to be undertaken by others).

Once the build-up of the external wall is known, we will produce the fire risk assessment in accordance with the guidance in PAS 9980.

Example scope and T&C’s available on request

Fire Risk Assessments

As part of a property owners legal responsibilities under Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 a fire risk assessment should take place. We will undertake a fire risk assessment of the designated property and issue a fire risk assessment document in line with PAS79 guidance.

Example scope and T&C’s available on request

London Plans Section (D12A) Fire Reports

We will undertake an assessment of the pre-planning design information and provide comment to ensure that the design is adequate for submission to the Local Planning Authority, in terms of building regulation compliance.

We will issue the London Plans Section (D12A) Fire Statement to the design team which will form part of the planning submission as required under the London Plan Guidance. If any comments are received from the Local Planning Authorities, we will draft a response and update the report if necessary. If required, we will attend the planning committee/enquiry.

Example scope and T&C’s available on request

Projects of note

  1. 70 Mark Lane
  2. Barts Square
  3. Bloomberg London
  4. Canary Wharf’s New District
  5. Centre Point
  6. Commercial Bank of Qatar
  7. Creechurch Place
  1. Harrington Place
  2. Index (DIFC)
  3. Karlatornet
  4. King’s Cross Central
  5. More London
  6. One Nine Elms
  1. Oxford Brookes University
  2. South Bank Tower
  3. Sixty London
  4. Spinningfields
  5. The Bower
  6. The St Botolph Building
  7. The Tower, One St George Wharf
  1. The Walbrook Building
  2. The Zig Zag Building and Kings Gate
  3. The Willis Building
  4. Vantage Point
  5. Vauxhall Square

Selected clients

  1. Almacantar
  2. Argent
  3. AXA Real Estate
  4. British Land
  5. Canary Wharf Contractors
  6. CIT
  7. Commercial Bank of Qatar
  8. Development Securities
  9. Essential Living
  10. Helical
  11. Hilton Hotels
  12. King’s Cross Central General Partner Limited
  13. Land Securities Properties
  14. More London Developments
  15. Minerva
  16. Native Land
  17. P&O
  18. R&F Properties
  19. Selfridges
  20. Serneke
  21. St George South London
  22. Stanhope
  23. ThamesWey
  24. Union Properties
  25. Wanda One (UK)

Your fire consultancy contacts

Farrokh Azad

Operations Director

Paul McClelland

Operations Director
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