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Vertical Transportation Engineering

For truly successful vertical transportation, we must design seamless systems that allow people to move around their environment easily and comfortably; using accessible circulation routes, walkways, elevators and other solutions that feel intuitive, unrestricted and natural.

Our specialist design group is dedicated to the provision of expert consultancy advice around people movement and goods handling for buildings. We have experience in the analysis, selection, design and installation of lifts and escalators for all types of buildings.

Bespoke building mobility solutions

Our awareness of future trends and industry knowledge ensures that we consistently deliver creative and innovative solutions that achieve the right balance between flexibility, space, performance and cost.

Within the industry, our team is also well respected for their contribution to academic research, development and product integration with manufacturers and suppliers.

The raison d’être of most buildings is to provide a comfortable, safe, fun and productive environment within which people may live and work. Vertical transportation is the enabler for all of these things, and lies at the heart of a building experience.

Adam Scott Operations Director


Adam Scott

Operations Director

Geoffrey Palmer

Business Unit Manager – Building Performance

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