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Pre-demolition Audit & Survey Services

Pre-demolition audits (including asbestos) and surveys provide an understanding of key products and construction materials that can be reused on/off site, reclaimed or recycled prior to the demolition or major refurbishment or redevelopment of the site.

Sweco’s specialists can determine if, in the case of demolition or refurbishment, reuse of key products or construction materials is feasible.

What exactly are pre-demolition audits?

Pre-demolition audits (also referred to as pre-redevelopment waste audits) are surveys undertaken on existing buildings, structures and hard surfaces prior to demolition or major refurbishment. Their aim is to promote resource efficiency and minimise environmental impact by reducing construction waste and diverting waste away from landfill – while also ensuring potentially hazardous waste such as asbestos is dealt with in the correct, compliant manner.

Key benefit of an audit

A pre-demolition audit will help you maximise the recovery of materials and work to the following waste hierarchy:

  1. Prevention
  2. Preparing for Reuse
  3. Recycling
  4. Other Recovery
  5. Disposal

This will ensure best practice in resource efficiency is adopted by the appointed contractor in order to aid the provision of their waste management plan.

Why undertake a pre-redevelopment waste audit?

In addition to the environmental impact of landfill waste, since April 2008 any construction project in England costing over £300k requires a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP).  A Pre-redevelopment waste audit can be used alongside the SWMP as required for meeting the BREEAM Wst 01 Construction Waste Management standard.

Successful demonstration of construction resource efficiency and the diversion of resources from landfill can gain up to 4 BREEAM credits.

Our standards

Sweco will work in accordance with the BRE Pre-Redevelopment Waste Audit Code of Practice and incorporate the following steps within the PWA:

  • Collection and examination of available information
  • Site survey to collect further information
  • Estimation of types, amounts and weights of materials
  • Assessment of suitability of material for reuse/recycling/other waste management method
  • Recommendations for materials management, recycling and target setting
  • Support for hazardous waste removal (such as asbestos)

This will ensure that the management of materials from the demolition/refurbishment process is in line with the waste hierarchy and will therefore provide advice on the maximum reuse and open/closed loop recycling of materials to minimise waste.

Specialist pre-demolition asbestos surveys

If you’re planning or undertaking a redevelopment and/or demolition activity, you may also need asbestos management support or a dedicated pre-demolition asbestos survey. Find out more about our duty to manage, asbestos management survey, R&D survey, UKATA-approved training and removal validation solutions below.

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