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Business Case Development

Sweco recognises that business cases for transport schemes are often part of a much larger agenda to unlock economic development and spur economic growth and regeneration.  Our transport planning team is experienced in the development of robust business cases to help our clients secure funding for a range of highway, bus, rail, walking, cycling and public realm improvements.

We’ll build the best case for your project

We can support with all aspects of strategic, outline and full business case development. Our team has the skill and technical capability to collaborate with all parties to identify challenges and opportunities, develop objectives, undertake multi-criteria assessment, assess economic impact and carry out post-implementation monitoring.

We have extensive knowledge of the Treasury Green Book 5-Case Model, and the guidance documents and manuals for the Department for Transport, Transport for London and Transport Scotland which address all aspects of scheme development, appraisal, funding, delivery and monitoring.

We have experience of developing strategic, outline and full business cases and our services cover all stages of the lifecycle from reviewing challenges and opportunities to develop objectives, to undertake multi-criteria assessment, to design and consultation, to financial and economic appraisal including wider economic impact assessment, to appraisal audit review and assurance, to post implementation monitoring.

Our team is also able to bring together specialist knowledge to address the local situation and assist in the development of business cases, for instance, environmental assessment, carbon mitigation, drainage, landscape design services, risk management, cost estimates, procurement advice.

We’re proud to have cross-sector expertise which brings together specialist knowledge from across Sweco Group which assist in the development of everything from business case development and environmental assessments to drainage, landscape design and risk management.

Claire Carr Transport Planning Director


Together with our clients and the collective knowledge of our engineers, consultants and other specialists, we co-create solutions to address urbanisation, capture the power of digitalisation, and make our societies more sustainable.​ With international multi-disciplinary teams, we can call on the right insight and technical capability at the right time from across Buildings, Infrastructure, Advisory & Planning and Compliance.​