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Transport Modelling & Appraisal

We are committed to supporting our clients, using the latest modelling tools, to help achieve desired outcomes for developments and improvements to complex transport requirements.

We support clients throughout the appraisal process, in analysing the operational, economic and environmental factors of proposed schemes by undertaking an appraisal and economic assessment process, using recognised appraisal methodologies and modelling tools.

Shaping the future of transport

Our specialist team uses a range of transport modelling and appraisal techniques, from strategic to local models. We tailor our approach for each client’s needs, adopting the most appropriate modelling package, such as Saturn, Cube, Aimsun, PTV VISUM, PTV VISSIM, EMME & LinSig and appraisal packages such as TUBA, COBA, QUADRO, MyRIAD and WITA. 

Our modelling and appraisal services help to develop successful transport projects, schemes and policies and frequently support the development of robust business cases. We understand the competing factors, balancing the demands of road users with more sustainable and active travel modes, as demand on transport infrastructure increases. We model all modes of transportation – pedestrians, vehicles, cycles, public transport, freight – and we model and appraise the environmental impacts to understand the changes in air quality, noise and carbon to develop optimal solutions.

Our modelling expertise includes the development of transport models from inception – including data collection requirements, use of big data and other emerging sources for model calibration and validation – through to forecasting and option testing.

Karl Jarvis Technical Director & Transport Modelling/Appraisal Lead



International Transport Modelling Webinar 2022

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