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Highway Engineering & Design Consultants

Our industry-leading highway engineering & design consultants plan and design everything from major highways and bridges to local transport networks – supporting economic growth and connecting people, goods and services.

Via Employer Roles or as Contractor’s Designers, we operate across several markets including strategic roads, local roads and private developments. Our clients include national government agencies, local authorities, developers and contractors. Our project managers work closely with our clients to understand their needs are fully addressed.

Destination: Transforming Society

In today’s built environments, people need to be able to travel efficiently and safely, in order to live, work, and function as citizens in everyday life. We understand the need to balance the demand for access by car, while supporting and promoting more sustainable and active travel modes, in the development of transport infrastructure.

We are at the forefront of digital progression – using technology to enhance our delivery and the safety and sustainability of our services across urban and inter-urban transport networks. We deliver local and national projects for a wide-ranging spectrum of public and private clients.

The services we offer range from the design of highway and junction geometry and drainage, to various ancillary items such as vehicle restraint systems, traffic signs, road markings and utility management. Our teams have also drafted national design standards for use throughout the industry.

Intelligent Transportation

We deliver and implement intelligent technologies required for future mobility solutions. Our design team capabilities include experience in the deployment of roadside technology to support network operations. We can deliver all projects from a single technology site deployment to full smart motorways.

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BIM for Transportation Projects

Sweco are specialists in the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) to inform decision making and streamline the project process from design and execution plan preparation to data naming & management and construction. We have vast expertise and experience in modelling, data analytics and subsequent clash detection.

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Road Safety Consultancy

We offer continual advice and support to designers and undertake road safety audits on completed schemes. The services we offer range from the design of road and junction geometry and drainage to various ancillary items such as vehicle restraint systems, traffic signs, road markings and utility management.

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Pavement Design & Engineering

Our team of pavement experts has extensive experience gained from a range of backgrounds including consultancy, local authority, laboratory testing companies, operating companies and asset management contracts. Using the latest innovations and technology, we develop solutions which take a whole life view approach.

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Highways are the main arteries of our modern day society, carrying both people and goods around the clock. Sweco’s highway engineering teams are recognised industry leaders, and dedicated to ensuring that this vital flow is maintained.

Our expertise at-a-glance


Expertise in the design of all aspects of highway schemes particularly looking at achieving earthwork balances through integration with mass haul.


Extensive experience in the design of highway related structures including road, rail and river bridges and crossings ensuring buildability is integral in the design process.


Collaborative working with contractors to determine acceptability limits to maximise material re-use and avoid off-site disposal.


Expertise in the assessment of contaminated materials to enable re-use without impact on human health.

Transport planning

Expertise in planning, modelling and design associated with the implementation of transportation and related infrastructure projects.

Transport Modelling

We tailor our approach and adopt the most appropriate modelling package, such as Saturn, Cube, Aimsun, PTV VISUM, PTV VISSIM, EMME & LinSig.

Appraisal & business cases

We support clients throughout the appraisal process, in analysing the operational, economic and environmental factors of proposed schemes.

Active travel

Our Active Travel team plans and delivers safe, efficient, reliable and attractive active and sustainable transport services to transform society.

Multi-modal studies

We combine extensive experience and understanding of good practice principles and methodologies to provide strategic advice for all modes of transport.


Effective management and environmental monitoring to minimise unnecessary removal and to provide cost-effective solutions.


Assistance to navigate through the environmental legislation covering services across a wide range of environmental aspects, including ecology, acoustics, road lighting and PAS 2080 carbon management in infrastructure.

Landscape architecture

Extensive experience of delivering appropriate landscape design proposals associated with highway schemes and public realm developments.


Why choose Sweco highways consultants?

Value engineering & cost certainty

Our extensive experience in working in the Design and Build market makes Sweco proficient in delivering innovative, cost effective solutions to problems faced in a wide range of areas. We bring this experience to bear in a Client facing role to ensure that value for money and cost certainty is achieved, while ensuring strict adherence to statutory process to obtain the necessary approvals allowing projects to be constructed.

Our focus centres around robust Value Engineering processes ensuring appropriately experienced staff are available to review proposals including buildability aspects and advance works to reduce risk. Scheme cost estimates, which undergo regular review, are prepared based on realistic levels of contingency, inflation, optimism bias and material rates ensuring regional variations are accommodated in an open transparent process to ensure auditability.

Environmental experts

Sweco have extensive experience in leading the development of major infrastructure projects including those impacting upon highly sensitive environmental assets. Success of these schemes always depends on having a collaborative approach with stakeholders to generate deliverable solutions.

We adopt a pragmatic and pro-active approach to our environmental assessments and planning applications and place great value in building successful long-term working relationships with all stakeholders. We have staff with direct experience of working on the Cross Tay Link Road and are fully aware of the specific constraints facing this project including the River Tay SAC, Scone Palace Garden and Designed Landscape and the Scheduled Monuments amongst others.

Leading project management & execution

Sweco understand the importance of having a dedicated Project Manager (PM) appointed to each project to ensure consistent deliver through the project lifecycle. On appointment we sit down with our Clients and carry out an expectation survey with the aim of understanding the Clients’ key objectives, constraints and concerns. Our PM will act as the primary point of contact between the Client and Sweco to enable clear and concise lines of communication.

Supporting the Project Manager is a multidisciplinary team of expert team leads in fields such as highways, structures, geotechnics and environment. Our PM will be responsible for managing this team of technical experts and enabling progress meetings, workshops and audits as required. Key to successful delivery is effective communication between the Client and Sweco. On a monthly basis we will deliver a set of management documents including a project dashboard outlining progress past and planned, changes to work scope, key project risks, spend against forecast and update to programme.

Surveys & land know-how

Critical to delivery to programme is the availability of accurate survey information (topographical, ground, archaeological, drainage, environmental and utilities). We appoint a dedicated Survey Manager responsible for coordinating surveys ensuring access constraints are identified and liaisons with landowners and affected businesses are held in a timely manner.

Community & stakeholder engagement

We will engage with stakeholders and other interested parties throughout the delivery process (through both formal consultation and informal information sessions as required) and we understand the importance of buy-in from stakeholders to support the scheme. To achieve this we will engage early with stakeholders through our Stakeholder Engagement & Community Benefits Manager. This role provides the primary point of contact with stakeholders to ensure a consistent message is communicated and records of discussions are maintained on the Stakeholder Register.

Ensuring commitments made to all Stakeholder are built into the final solution. In addition Sweco are familiar with and are actively delivering Community Benefit commitments across a range of projects. We will develop a Community Benefits Plan setting out how we will deliver agreed commitments and the timescale for delivery. We will provide a monitoring report that tracks progress and which is reviewed at progress meetings with the Council

Together with our clients and the collective knowledge of our 18,000 engineers, consultants and other specialists, we co-create solutions to address urbanisation, capture the power of digitalisation, and make our societies more sustainable.​ With international multi-disciplinary teams, we can call on the right insight and technical capability at the right time from across Buildings, Infrastructure, Advisory & Planning and Compliance.​
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