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Water, Energy & Industry Consultancy

At the heart of everything we plan, design and construct is a commitment and passion for building a more sustainable society.

A combination of leading-edge water engineering, energy management and industrial infrastructure consultancy is therefore critical to shaping a truly climate-friendly future. At Sweco, we transform complexity into simplicity for our clients.

Water engineering

Our work extends from water and wastewater treatment, water infrastructure, groundwater expertise through to flood resilience and biosolid management. Our water specialists are world leaders in their field, which means they can – individually and collaboratively – help you meet the increasing demands for safe, clean drinking water, waste recycling and flood mitigation, through sustainable creative solutions.

Energy management

Thanks to our multi-disciplinary approach, we can advise and act to optimise how our clients generate, store, transport and save energy. Whether it’s an urban district heating project or a drive for solar, thermal, or wind in the renewable energy space, we have the expertise and experience to innovate and deliver.

Industrial consultancy

Whatever the application, the aim of any industrial site or network must be to achieve optimum efficiency in production and carbon impact reduction. From advisory and planning support to operational and technological asset management and a full range of environmental planning services, we can help businesses meet their green goals while maximising core site performance.

At Sweco, inspired by our Scandinavian roots and driven by innovations from across our wider group, we can help with both the technical solutions and the strategic advice you need, based on specific site challenges – and opportunities.

Andy Sang Infrastructure Director


Together with our clients and the collective knowledge of our 18,000 engineers, consultants and other specialists, we co-create solutions to address urbanisation, capture the power of digitalisation, and make our societies more sustainable.​ With international multi-disciplinary teams, we can call on the right insight and technical capability at the right time from across Buildings, Infrastructure, Advisory & Planning and Compliance.​
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