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Air Quality Consultants

Clean air protects our health and wellbeing, and as eco-consciousness increases day-by-day in response to the climate emergency, air quality has become an area of increased regulatory scrutiny. From feasibility studies, advisory services and community engagement to training, planning, permitting and air, odour or dust monitoring, our highly regarded air quality consultants can provide the full range of services required to improve and maintain optimum air quality.

Our air quality consultancy services

Feasibility studies

  • Traffic light feasibility assessment highlighting any potential constraints to development
  • Site appraisal and selection
  • Stack height/location assessment
  • Local and National legislation, guidance and policy review
  • Clean air action planning

Air, odour & dust monitoring

  • Advising on suitable monitoring equipment
  • Selecting monitoring locations
  • Managing monitoring campaigns
  • Analysing and processing monitoring results
  • Full data management (collating, cleaning & combining)
  • Visualisation for stakeholder presentation

Air, odour & dust dispersion modelling

  • Building robust emissions inventories
  • Dispersion modelling of all emissions including road traffic and point source emissions
  • Digital reporting (ADMS, ADMS ROADS; AERMOD and CALPUFF)
  • Smart buildings support

Corporate & government advisory services

  • Development of Action Plan and Local Air Quality Strategies
  • Review and assessment for LAQM purposes
  • Act as Expert witness
  • Engage and manage Stakeholders
  • Masterplan support

Planning and permitting

  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Preparing and compiling EIA screening and Scoping inputs
  • Preparing and compiling ES, Planning statement and Inquiry evidence documentation inputs when required
  • Detailed air quality assessments in support of environmental permitting applications across the UK and Ireland
  • Community engagement
  • Stakeholder presentations through virtual rooms where required


  • Guidance & training on all aspects of air quality
Together with our clients and the collective knowledge of our engineers, consultants and other specialists, we co-create solutions to address urbanisation, capture the power of digitalisation, and make our societies more sustainable.​ With international multi-disciplinary teams, we can call on the right insight and technical capability at the right time from across Buildings, Infrastructure, Advisory & Planning and Compliance.​