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Urban Energy Solutions

As cities expand, so does the demand for energy – and the need for the most efficient methods of generation and storage.

Urban energy is required for everything from providing homes and businesses with water, heating and cooling, to other community functions such as powering electrical vehicles, traffic control systems and communications.

Our unique approach

Integrating carbon and sustainability expertise from across the business, our urban energy team is focused on a holistic approach to planning and designing net zero buildings, energy supplies and transport systems. An approach which is strengthened through strong working relationships with local authorities as we work together to transform their energy strategies.

The first of its kind in the engineering sector, our team draws on world-leading expertise from across Sweco Group in the areas of district heating, climate change resilience and parametric modelling.

While it’s fantastic that organisations are taking carbon reduction seriously, often great initiatives can be implemented in isolation when infrastructure, by its very nature, should be looked at in its entirety. Sweco has the benefit of world-leading expertise across multi-engineering and design disciplines.

Our Urban Energy team has been created to harness all of this expertise in one place and harmonise the various strands of sustainability strategies.

Dr Tanja Groth Head of Urban Energy


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