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Environmental Sustainability Articles

The effects of the climate crisis are being felt daily around the world. In-depth knowledge and scientific data are essential for the planning and building of safe, resilient future urban environments. As climate change increasingly brings flood warnings and more extreme weather conditions, special measures to ready our urban environments and societies need to be taken – the Sweco-led sustainable development insight articles and reports below will help us all find a way to transform society, together.

Healthy water cities: From sewer to health booster

Extreme rainfall and flooding have devastated communities across the world this summer. IPCC’s latest report highlights the need for societies and businesses to prepare for a new climate. Here, we propose three water strategies that deal with health challenges at the same time.

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Circularity: Our new Sweco Urban Insight theme for 2022

This year, Sweco’s cross-border knowledge platform, Urban Insights, will highlight and discuss the transition towards the key theme of ‘Circularity’. Together with experts, scientists and the public, we will discuss the transition towards greater sustainability in urban areas and highlight key steps we must take to achieve net zero cities and societies.

Sweco’s environmental, climate and carbon experts work across all sectors, providing all the services you require to truly make your company, development or services sustainable – browse our services below and contact us for a discussion or quote today.

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