We’re committed to turning the tide on flooding. Our collaboration with the city of Groningen prevents billions in damage through a pioneering approach to water management. By making each project exceptional, we make the day-to-day incredible.

What does incredible look like? Magnificent? State-of-the-art? Cutting-edge?


But incredible isn’t always what you expect. You can find it all around you, changing the lives of everyday people, removing obstacles, relieving stress, making life cleaner, safer, easier, sweeter.

Sweco designs communities and cities for the future, and whether we’re talking grand plans or granular details, incredible comes as standard. Right down to the way we do business.

We match every job with the right team, who’ll live and breathe your project with you exploring, questioning, testing, collaborating.

Because Sweco clients aren’t just clients. They’re partners, whose success is every bit as important to us as our own.

Together, we create incredible - day to day.

Where do we find incredible?

Dutch people have learned to live and battle with the sea over decades. Finding more sustainable and flexible ways of designing dikes is a challenge which demands new ways of thinking. In close cooperation with our client, we have developed a concept which includes clay produced close to the dike.


Comrie Flood Protection Scheme

This month's “Incredible Day-to-Day” campaign highlights our flooding expertise and the value we brought to creating a flood protection scheme for the village of Comrie in the Southern Highlands of Scotland. Sweco was appointed by Perth & Kinross Council in 2017 to deliver a scheme from outline design through to completion for Comrie, which had a long history of flooding due to its proximity to three rivers.

To gain public approval for our solution, Sweco worked in close collaboration with both the client and community. This involved a public exhibition which provided local residents with information on the scheme and allowed them to share their views and highlight issues of interest or concern. The main challenge involved the design of flood walls to ensure they were sympathetic to the surrounding landscape.

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