Designing Satavuo School was a textbook example of our commitment to partnership. By working with Laukaa municipality, together we created a design to inspire tomorrow’s learners. By making each project exceptional, we make the day-to-day incredible.

Figuring out how to organise teaching in a rural area and get a solution that would last a century engaged the whole village. In close cooperation with all stakeholders we explored new ways of thinking and ended up in a completely new type of school.


Takeley Primary School, Essex

The Takeley Primary School project, which was recognised in 2013 with RIBA’s East Regional Award, highlights the positive outcomes that can be achieved when a project team works together to understand each other’s needs and are able to communicate clearly and strategically to deliver the shared objectives.

Providing structural, drainage, M&E and acoustic advice, the MLM, part of Sweco team played an instrumental role throughout the project lifecycle from developing the conceptual designs through to inspecting the site installations. The team also ensured that sustainability remained at the heart of the project with the inclusion of low energy and low demand systems coupled with the use of both recycled and local construction materials.

The success of this project was achieved in large part due to the collaborative and engaged approach taken by the School, Essex County Council/The Learning Partnership Trust, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, and the MLM team, who worked together to create a space which best met the needs of the pupils. Since the existing building lacked small group spaces, generous circulation spaces were designed to provide flexible, informal group spaces and reading niches beyond the classroom. A library and story room with an outdoor story-telling deck were also incorporated. These spaces along with the excellent levels of natural daylight, have improved the learning environment and allowed the children to develop and be more creative in this vibrant setting. One of the challenges posed by the project was the school’s proximity to Stanstead Airport and the subsequent noise pollution. In response to this, MLM’s acoustics team designed a natural ventilation system.

Speaking of the project, Mark Gaby, a school Governor remarked, “The design team has engaged with us from the outset and understood what we are looking for and how to deliver it.”