An efficient new cycle path came from our team riding side-by-side with the city planners in Troon. Keeping their eyes on the road ahead enabled them to give cyclist a fast lane into the future.

What does incredible look like? Magnificent? State-of-the-art? Cutting-edge?


But incredible isn’t always what you expect. You can find it all around you, changing the lives of everyday people, removing obstacles, relieving stress, making life cleaner, safer, easier, sweeter.

Sweco designs communities and cities for the future, and whether we’re talking grand plans or granular details, incredible comes as standard. Right down to the way we do business.

We match every job with the right team, who’ll live and breathe your project with you exploring, questioning, testing, collaborating.

Because Sweco clients aren’t just clients. They’re partners, whose success is every bit as important to us as our own.

Together, we create incredible - day to day.

Where do we find incredible?

Sweco’s “Incredible day to day” campaign highlights the value we bring to our clients through our day to day work. The Active Travel Route in Troon is a great example of an exceptional project, which exceeded the client’s expectations and improved the wellbeing of the local community.

Sweco was commissioned by Ayrshire Roads Alliance (ARA) to conduct a detailed design of a 2km active travel corridor between Troon and Loans. As part of our approach, we used visualisation tools to help us in communicating our ideas to the client and the general public.

“We recognised our client’s ambition and were proud to deliver an effective and affordable solution that would improve the wellbeing of the local residents and ensure that they were connected to local amenities such as schools and a railway station,” said Chris Fallen, Project Manager.

The collaboration between ARA and Sweco has continued to grow as we are currently providing advice on the further development of the area’s cycle network as well as assisting in the delivery of final reports for additional funding. Speaking of the relationship, David Manson, ARA’s Technical Officer said: “Sweco’s communication, expertise and delivery were excellent and we look forward to working together in the future”.

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