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Urbanisation Insights

We are city-planners, landscape-shapers, infrastructure-innovators, lifestyle-modellers and difference-makers.

Half of the world’s population and three quarters of Europeans live in cities. Developing urban spaces more resiliently and sustainably therefore has an enormous, positive impact on the living environment of a large number of people. With nearly 18,000 experts planning and designing the communities of the future, Sweco is shaping the way we all live, work and play.

Our international expertise encompasses both local knowledge and global capacity – and we can therefore share unique insights and perspectives that will become the foundation of sustainable, innovative urban developments across the world. Below you’ll find ‘Urban Insight’ articles from across the Sweco Group (which you can subscribe to for free on our dedicated reports & resources site), as well as innovative thinking from our UK specialists on a range of urbanisation topics – including our key focus for 2022: ‘Towards Circularity’.


Urban Insight Report: Building the future through circular data – tools for mining the ‘green gold’

The future of circularity: Cork City 2101

Sweco has developed a future study on what Cork City might look like in 80 years’ time, 2101. Our re-imagining and circular economy focus takes into consideration climate change mitigation and is powered by innovative, creative and sustainable solutions.

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Circularity: Our new Sweco Urban Insight theme for 2022

This year, Sweco’s cross-border knowledge platform, Urban Insights, will highlight and discuss the transition towards the key theme of ‘Circularity’. Together with experts, scientists and the public, we will discuss the transition towards greater sustainability in urban areas and highlight key steps we must take to achieve net zero cities and societies.

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