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Wastewater treatment consultants

Sweco provides advanced wastewater treatment consultancy that are designed to meet client and end user needs both now and in the future, while protecting the environment.

Our team of specialist engineers review and upgrade wastewater treatment facilities operating in a TOTEX environment, supporting clients in identifying options and feasible solutions, whether for discharge consent advice in a small works, or multi-disciplinary detailed design and plant optimisation in a large scale works.

Making the complex clear

We draw on the skills of specialists from across the Sweco group, including the innovators of our ‘Regenerator®’ brand from the Netherlands, or our experts in asset management from the UK, all integrated into a BIM environment. We work collaboratively throughout the process with clients, their partners, the supply chain and engage with the wider stakeholders.

Our wide ranging expertise covers conventional treatment as well as the next generation of technologies, such as compact mechanical filters in lieu of conventional primary settlement, highly optimised activated sludge plant secondary processes, tertiary treatment polishing for tomorrow’s tighter consents, and lowest cost TOTEX solutions such as wetlands and lagoons.

Sweco‘s forward thinking engineers excel at delivering exciting and innovative treatment solutions that meet the complex challenges of the future.  This includes providing innovative European sourced technologies that successfully reduce operational costs and provide lower carbon footprint solutions for our clients.

We can provide lifecycle expertise across the full water engineering spectrum, including water and wastewater infrastructure, water treatment, groundwater and surface water resource management and flood resilience.

Stewart Evans Head of Engineering


Sweco’s European technology licences:

SHARON® (Single reactor system for High activity Ammonium Removal Over Nitrite) is a sewage treatment process used for the removal of ammonia and organic nitrogen components from wastewater flow streams. The process results in stable nitrite formation, rather than complete oxidation to nitrate.

DEMON® is a continuous or SBR de-ammonification process that partly converts ammonia to nitrate and then converts the remaining ammonia and nitrate into nitrogen gas. The process uses only 40% of energy compared to conventional biological treatment systems and does not require an external carbon source.

EssDE® (Energy Self Sufficient DE-ammonification) is a process that utilises DEMON® surplus sludge i Activated Sludge Plants to significantly reduce O2 demand.

InDENSE® that can be integrated into any existing plant, increases process throughput and performance through the selection of dense sludge aggregates with improved settling rates and the promotion of enhanced biological phosphorus removal.

BIOCOS® is a compact footprint, low energy activated sludge process that is operated at a constant water level during the whole process cycle, and therefore represents a hybrid technology (Biological Combined System) comprising features of continuous flow and SBR systems.

Triple A Technology® is a novel A-stage biological wastewater treatment technology that consists of two alternating reactors that switch between feeding, aeration and settling regimes. The technology allows for stable operation and results in no wash out of A-stage sludge and Homogeneous fluidization.

Together with our clients and the collective knowledge of our 21,000 engineers, consultants and other specialists, we co-create solutions to address urbanisation, capture the power of digitalisation, and make our societies more sustainable.​ With international multi-disciplinary teams, we can call on the right insight and technical capability at the right time from across Buildings, Infrastructure, Advisory & Planning and Compliance.​