Carbon Management

At Sweco, we understand the challenge that climate change presents and we recognise our responsibility as designers and engineers to reduce carbon emissions. Our innovative yet straightforward approach to managing carbon and cost has led us to be recognised as international experts and leaders in the civil engineering industry. We apply our expertise to projects, organisations, local authorities and cities to help our clients reduce carbon as efficiently as possible and plan for a net-zero carbon future.


  • Carbon / Cost Consultancy
  • EIA Climate Assessment
  • Low Carbon Infrastructure
  • Carbon Reduction Training
  • Sustainability Strategy Development
  • Carbon Footprint Verification

Carbon / Cost Consultancy

Sweco have a detailed understanding of the relationship between carbon and cost. We use this knowledge to help our clients identify the most valuable carbon reduction options.

The built environment accounts for a significant proportion of global carbon emissions and therefore requires urgent action to mitigate climate change. As a proxy for energy, natural resources and quantities of materials, carbon provides an important perspective for design optimisation.

While efficient design can reduce carbon and cost to a certain point, alternative low carbon materials often cost more than traditional fossil fuel-based options. At Sweco, we help our clients to select the most efficient and cost-effective carbon reduction options.

From early concept stage through to construction, we integrate industry-leading carbon management principles within design and procurement processes to go beyond carbon accounting and provide practical carbon / cost consultancy.

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