Our Latest News

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting in Sweco AB (publ)

18 September 2020

Sweco’s Board of Directors proposes a SEK 3.10 per share extraordinary dividend

16 September 2020

Sweco strengthens its digital offering with the appointment of a new Digital Manager

14 September 2020
We are delighted to welcome Craig Hardingham as the new Digital Manager in our Water and Asset Management team. Craig joined today, Monday 14 September.

Sweco invests in its Cork office with new appointment

09 September 2020

Sweco welcomes the focus on competency in the government’s draft Building Safety Bill

18 August 2020
Sweco's Building Standards experts have welcomed the government’s decision to introduce a competency framework in the draft Building Safety Bill as well as plans to deliver greater levels of safety and public confidence in relation to higher-risk buildings.

A combined approach for carbon reduction in London

21 July 2020
Sweco and MLM have combined forces to provide a low carbon solution for the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

Interim report January – June 2020 Sweco AB (PUBL)

16 July 2020
Continued solid performance in uncertain times

A Sweco Point of View – Adopting a People First approach to street design

09 July 2020

Cities need to build resilience towards increasingly common heatwaves

01 July 2020
The coronavirus has exposed elderly citizens as a high-risk group, but an increasingly warmer Europe poses yet another serious threat. More Europeans are dying from heatwaves than from all other natural hazards combined.  We need to do more to prepare and adapt our cities for the future, concludes Sweco in the latest of its Urban Insight reports.

Sweco releases its Sustainability and Social Mobility plan

30 June 2020
As the leading consultancy in Europe in our area of expertise – planning and designing the sustainable communities and cities of the future – we have a great responsibility and opportunity to influence the development of a more sustainable society in our own business and through our client projects. Sustainability is at the core of our business and forms an integral part of our vision, business and 2023 strategy.